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About Our Suppliers and Products – Gringo

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About Our Suppliers and Products


blue t-shirt, patchwork, print and embroidery
bright t-shirt in pink, patchwork, print and embroidery

We love Gringo! Gringo clothing and gift items are very popular with our customers. The bright, bold patterns are eye-catching and because they are embellished by hand, every single item is unique, whether it be a funky t-shirt or an attention-grabbing mosaic vase!

People often think Fair Trade products are more expensive, but this isn’t the case with Gringo (or indeed some of our other suppliers). While the people who make the garments and products are paid a fair price for their work, Gringo, as the importer of these fine goods, are not greedy people and do not seek to make an over-inflated profit for themselves. Likewise, both on our website and in our retail outlet, whilst we too need to make a profit, we are not greedy with it as we want everyone to be able to enjoy the quality products we sell.

Rainbow Dreamcatcher
Peace Dreamcatcher

The following is an excerpt from the Gringo website


Gringo is passionate about fair trade and committed to adhering to its principles, as we have done since the start of the business in 1988. As ethical trade is very important to us, we only buy from factories or co-operatives that we have visited in person, in order to ensure that all our suppliers meet our fair trade criteria.

These principles are

  • No child labour
  • Equality in the work place, ensuring both men and women receive fair and equal wages.
  • Safe working conditions, regular breaks and paid holidays, religious freedom and hourly wages.
  • Development of skills and new ideas, using traditional methods to western standards.
  • To pay the price the supplier needs and not to haggle for a cheaper price.
  • To pay up front for all or goods including a minimum of 40% deposit with initial order.
  • To encourage respect for environment and to stop pollution and promote organic and sustainable produce.
  • To maintain long term relationships with our suppliers, giving them confidence to make improvements and investments.

Our policy has always been ‘AID through TRADE’”

Rainbow Mosaic Vase