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About Our Suppliers and Products – Namaste

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About Our Suppliers

We sell a wide range of products from Namaste from mini candles to patchwork jackets to intricately hand carved jewellery boxes. Namaste is a BAFTS-registered supplier of fair trade products.

Hand painted mini animal candles
Malabar Vine carving on lid

The following excerpts are from the Namaste website:

“Namaste suppliers ensure that their workers are paid a fair price per piece, which is at or above the national average or in accordance with national laws, and we strive to make sure that men and women are paid the same rate. Employees should have security of employment and freedom of association. Namaste tries to order regularly from each producer to maintain continuity of demand. We aim to ensure that no children under the age of 16 are involved in factory based production for Namaste. Many Namaste items are produced by home workers which provides useful additional income whilst allowing them to look after their homes and families.”

“Namaste provides advance payments for orders when they are asked for or when they are necessary. This ensures that producers do not have to take on debts in order to complete our orders.

“Namaste seeks to minimise our impact on the environment. Namaste products all use azo-free dyes. These create a safer working environment and are better for the environment in general. Many of our products are made entirely from recycled materials, which are used wherever possible. We also encourage suppliers to source raw materials locally and to use recycled packaging on their products. Many are now using recycled plastic and recycled cardboard and we aim to get them all doing so.

“Namaste supports Child Rescue Nepal – formerly the Esther Benjamins Trust –”

We think you’ll agree that Namaste are something special when it comes to taking care of their producers and their families. So when you buy an item with the Namaste label you not only get fabulous quality, you’ll also get a massive feel-good factor that comes with knowing you’ve helped make someone else’s life just that bit better.

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