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About Our Suppliers and Products – Satya Incense

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Nag champa Incense

The following are excerpts from the website of the producer of one of our most popular products, incense:

Satya Sai Baba means “Father (of) Divine Truth” and is the honorific title of a famous Indian guru who has endorsed this incense as his favourite. Nag means “Snake” and “Champa” means flower: thus the name means Snake Flower.

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP is a committed equal opportunity employer. Our organization and its parent’s company have worked with a predominantly female employee base with three generations of female employees working under the same roof at this present time. Jobs at our establishment frequently pass hands from grandmothers to mothers to daughters.

Women workers in protective clothing at Satya

Our employees are skilled artisans, many having gained expertise from years of hand-rolling and handcrafting of incense. These artisans are trained in the exact measure of “flora” or incense blend required for the making of a perfect and uniform stick.

Satya incense being prepared by hand

Owing to this unique employee demographic, our engagement with social justice and equity centres on issues of importance to women and are frequently of a personal, informal nature. For instance, ‘gifts’ rather than ‘perks’ pass between company and employees in the form of household utensils and sarees. All meals are shared within the industry premises ascribing again to an informal and interpersonal relationship.

Here is a video showing Satya incense being made. The sound quality is very poor but it’s not an essential part of the video so you can just mute it if you want: 

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