About us

We are a small family business in Hull run by Richard & Julie.

Fair trade started for us many years ago through the wonderful One World Shop in Hull, which was Hull’s very first fair trade shop. Julie used to work above this shop for a charity called the DEC (Development Education Centre) which among other things sent facilitators into schools, armed with a mix of artefacts from around the world, to teach children about the lives of people in other countries. Julie’s job was to run the DEC’s resource centre but loved every opportunity she had to pop downstairs and have a chat with the then-owners Chris and Peter Church. We are are still friends with Chris and Peter, and their help in finding fairly traded wholesalers to stock our little shop, and putting us in touch with other like-minded individuals and groups has been very much appreciated.

We now have contact with lots of BAFTS registered wholesalers and have very recently become a proud member of BAFTS ourselves.

We try to offer a little of everything at the shop, but space is an issue so unfortunately we can’t stock as much as we would like. Hopefully, in the future, larger premises will solve this. Until then we’ll carry on getting a little of each but give you lots to choose from.