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Boing Stick

Fantastic fun and a great conversation starter, the boing stick, put simply, is a stick that goes “boing” when you tap it on your hand

Made of a large bamboo stick which has been hand-carved into an elongated y-shape, it has been tastefully decorated with burnt patterns and small hand-painted flowers

To use, hold the upper body of the boing stick with one hand and lightly tap the forked end on your other hand or a surface

By covering the holes with your fingers you can alter the pitch of the boing

This is not a particularly loud instrument. If you want something loud, you might like to check our our flexatones

Has a small loop on the top for hanging

Please note that there is a long cut running from the top of the forks up to the holes. This is part of the design and is not a fault

One supplied

Measurements: Approx. 3cm Ø, 39cm long

Materials: Bamboo

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Credentials: Hand made and hand painted, sustainable, fair trade

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