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Chakra Incense Plate

These beautiful hand-carved round incense plates are made from soapstone and feature intricate geometric shapes that are highlighted with flashes of colour, adding extra dimension.

The stone is a natural product which is sanded under water to produce a smooth finish.

Measuring 8cm diameter, the incense holders are hand-crafted in India where the supplier employs 15 people directly and 35 skilled artisans who are effectively self-employed.

Designs vary and will be sent at random. All are beautiful!

More about Chakras

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Material: Soapstone

Directions: Place the incense stick in the hole in the centre of the ash catcher. Light the tip of the incense using a flame. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow the flame out.  The incense will diffuse elegantly

SAFETY NOTICE: For fragrance use only. Store and use out of the reach of children and animals. Use away from flammable items. Burn in an open or well ventilated area. Allow ash to completely cool before disposing of. Never leave burning incense unattended

Origin: India

Ethics: Hand made using traditional techniques, fair trade

Read about our supplier’s ethical policy


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