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Cow Shelf Sitter Ornament: 8 x 6cm high | Fair Trade

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  • 8 x 6cm high
  • Hand carved and painted in Bali
  • Solid wood
  • Fair trade, ethical

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Cow Shelf Sitter

Unveiling the udderly moo-vellous Shelf Sitter: a perfect little gift for animal enthusiasts, farmers, and vegans!

Positioned on the edge of a shelf, the cow stands with its bowed head peering down over the precipice. This pose creates a sense of curiosity and playfulness, as if observing the world below with a gentle, inquisitive gaze. The simple carving captures the essence of bovine beauty, leaving room for imagination and personal interpretation.

This charming ornament, measuring approximately 8 x 6cm, brings a touch of rustic charm to any shelf or display. With its simple yet endearing design, it captures the essence of a cow with subtle elegance.

Painted in classic black and white hues, the Cow Shelf Sitter exudes a timeless appeal. Its understated colours allow it to seamlessly blend into any décor style, from contemporary to farmhouse-inspired. Whether adorning a living room, bedroom, or even an office space, this delightful ornament brings a touch of nature indoors.

Handcrafted with care, the Cow Shelf Sitter is a true labour of love. Made by skilled artisans in Bali, it embodies the principles of fair trade, ensuring that each purchase supports ethical practices and the livelihoods of talented craftspeople.

The Cow Shelf Sitter makes for a thoughtful gift for animal lovers, particularly those with an affinity for cows. Its compact size allows it to fit effortlessly into any space, be it a bookshelf, mantelpiece, or even a desk. It serves as a charming reminder of the gentle creatures that inhabit our world and the importance of ethical craftsmanship.

Embrace the rustic allure and fair trade values of the Cow Shelf Sitter, an enchanting piece of décor that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the harmonious connection between humans and animals. Let this adorable ornament graze gracefully on your shelf, radiating warmth and character throughout your home or office.

Size: approx. 8 x 6cm

Material: Wood

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Credentials: Fair trade, ethical

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