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Eco Friendly Cards – About Our Supplier

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Eco Friendly Cards is a UK business, which for us is the “Near” in Near & Fair.

Pam, whose business it is, is a sole trader and is therefore the artist, the maker of the seed paper, the printer, the photographer, the advertiser, the seller, the packer, the poster, the receptionist, the clerical officer, and the bookkeeper. Phew! I’m guessing she makes her own coffee and washes her own cup, too!

The founder of Eco Friendly Cards on a bike outsider her shop

So what’s eco-friendly about Eco Friendly Cards, and why do people love them so much? More than meets the eye! Read on…..

Recycled and No Plastic Waste

The paper used to make these beautiful cards and the envelopes they come with are 100% recycled. To protect them whilst on our shelves here at Near & Fair, Pam has wrapped the cards in what may look like plastic film, but it’s not! It’s actually made (in the UK) from vegetable starch, which means it’s biodegradable and compostable.

happy birthday poppy seed card

What Do They Give Back?

Being environmentally friendly is not just about reducing our impact on the planet. It’s about giving something back, too, and these seed cards do just that. Put simply, you can plant the whole card and it will grow into flowers. Earth-hugging bee-loving beautiful wild flowers.

poppy card

And Transport?

Good old Royal Mail gets the job done within a day or two using their existing cost- and fuel-efficient inland network service. That’s how they come to us, that’s how we get them to you. Unless you’re in the Hull area, then you can come and get them yourself ;-). You could cycle to us and make use of the free indoor secure cycle parking right next door to our retail unit. We’re open Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30am to 4pm.

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