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Siesta Crafts – Our Supplier’s Fair Trade and Eco Policies

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Siesta Crafts

Siesta Crafts was one of our first wholesalers before we even moved into a “bricks and mortar” retail unit and were constantly dashing about taking our wares to markets and craft fairs. Now we don’t have to carry it all around with us, we are able to have a much wider range of products, and Siesta really know how to keep our shelves filled!

Not only do Siesta Crafts have a massive range of both gifts and clothing, I’m sure you will agree they also have a great ethos. Read on to find out more.

Fair Trade Policy

Below you will find extracts of Siesta Craft’s Fair Trade Policy, so whenever one of our items lists Siesta as the brand name, you can be confident that the people who made your items were treated the way you yourself would want to be treated.

“Most of our suppliers are small family businesses employing only a few people so we try and keep them in continuous work and we also help develop new products with them thus enabling their businesses to grow alongside ours.”

chris and les at siesta
Chris and Les at Siesta

“In virtually every case, we pay our suppliers for orders in advance, thus preventing them from possibly having to borrow money to start the order. We agree on prices with suppliers, rather than imposing prices. We do not allow the exploitation of children nor discrimination against gender. We try to ensure that working conditions are good by local standards and that raw materials are from renewable resources.”

Happy Worker
A Happy Looking Producer for Siesta Crafts

“We have over the years helped local communities with numerous projects ranging from educational investment to building much-needed toilets for families. However, like the majority of our suppliers, we are a business and not a charity, and we hope to make a difference through mutually beneficial trade”.

Eco Policy

Being a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers, Siesta Crafts adheres to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. However, to clarify things further, Siesta give us a bit more detail about their eco policy. Helping nearby businesses to reduce their waste, Siesta accept their empty cardboard boxes which are then used to send out orders. We are often quite intrigued by some of the print on the boxes our orders arrive in! They are actively trying to find ways of reducing their plastic packaging, and where it is still used (mostly for the protection of the goods during shipping), the plastic is reused whenever possible or sent for recycling.

Siesta Crafts use sea freight to import their products, and choose a UK courier committed to carbon neutral deliveries.

bali flower summer dresses
Summer dresses by Siesta

The materials used by Siesta’s producers come from sustainable sources. As examples they state, “wooden products are made from either bamboo or fast-growing woods such as Suar, Mango or Albesia wood. The majority of our paper products are made using traditional coppicing methods which encourage continued planting of trees and shrubs”. Siesta also like to keep waste to a minimum and their producers are encouraged to find creative uses for fabric offcuts “generating extra income and helping to achieve a sustainable livelihood”.

These ethical policies make us proud to stock items by Siesta Crafts. We hope you feel the same way.