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Sunlover – Our Supplier’s Fair Trade and Environmental Policies

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As well as some fun and funky craft items, Sunlover are our main supplier of atmospheric lamps. With the exception of salt and coconut lamps, at the time of writing all our electric lamps are brought to us by Sunlover and they are certainly something special. Not only do these lamps give a beautiful cosy glow, they are also fair trade, with Sunlover being a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers since 1988.

Fair Trade Policy

Sunlover strictly adheres to the 10 principles of fair trade to ensure safe working conditions and fair pay for all their artisans. Paying a minimum 50% deposit when an order is placed, they review prices on a regular basis with their producers to take account of fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and local economic conditions.

A road in Bali, Indonesia
Image courtesy of Sunlover

Committed to buying on a regular and ongoing basis, Sunlover work with their producers to develop products to Western tastes whilst respecting traditional skills and views of the craftspeople.

Environmental Policy

Though environmental concerns are naturally a part of Fair Trade and are covered in the 10 Principles, Sunlover have a separate policy for this important subject. All of their products are hand made and recycled materials are used wherever possible. Where fresh materials are used they are from sustainable sources. This includes Albesia and Jempinis wood grown in Bali especially for the production of crafts. The Balinese government even provide free seedlings to ensure a continuous supply of this wood!

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Delivery day at Sunlover

When it comes to packaging and freight, Sunlover remain ever conscious of the need to make as little impact on the environment as possible. Transporting to the UK via sea rather than air may take a little longer but is less polluting. Reusing cardboard boxes, not just their own but also from neighbouring businesses, Sunlover are able to package in an eco-friendly way. Any cardboard boxes that cannot be reused are shredded on site to use as packaging material. For the most fragile items that require air-filled wrap, Sunlover say they only use an environmentally friendly type that is 100% recyclable.

We love Sunlover products and the Sunlover ethos. We hope you do too.

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