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Namaste – Our Supplier’s Fair Trade Policy

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Namaste are one of those suppliers who leave us spoilt for choice with a huge range of gifts and housewares and some very wearable clothes.

Having visited Namaste in person we can honestly say that they come across as a welcoming and very caring company. Desperate to improve the lives of disadvantaged people, they are always raising funds, whether it be through their own donations to Child Rescue Nepal or by fund raising for the victims of natural disasters. We’re convinced that founders of Namaste truly have hearts of gold.

Fair Trade Policy

Namaste are a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) as a Fair Trade Importer, who in turn is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). As such, they follow the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as set by the WFTO. Below are extracts of their Fair Trade Policy.

“We always follow Fair Trading practices. This involves paying an advance when asked for or required to allow the producer to buy raw materials and start making the order without getting into financial difficulty. We never ask for or take credit terms from any of our suppliers. When the goods are shipped, they have been paid for in full. We never make exceptions to these rules and never have. If suppliers need money early for particular reasons we will always try and help them….

A happy worker making fairtrade clothing
Image courtesy of Namaste

“We look for long term relationships with our suppliers and provide them with designs and ideas to benefit their business and keep the orders flowing. By providing repeat orders, advance payments and by making a commitment never to cancel or unduly delay orders helps our suppliers to grow and develop capacity.”

As well as paying an agreed fair price for products and seeking to ensure that all workers are paid “at or above local expectations and in accordance with national laws”, Namaste also do their “utmost to ensure that no children or forced labour is involved in the production of Namaste products.”

A gallery of pictures showing happy children and fair trade producers
Image courtesy of Namaste

Whilst Fair Trade is of course about respecting workers by ensuring fair pay, decent working conditions, and no forced labour, it is also about respecting the environment, and Namaste are continuously monitoring and finding ways to improve their environmental impact.

“We are using more and more recycled or environmentally friendly materials in our products which now make up a very large percentage of our product range. Our suppliers are encouraged to respect their environment and to have written and audited environmental policies.”

We think the following quote sums Namaste up very well:-

“We look to buy from small scale producers who use largely natural materials and traditional techniques to produce interesting and inherently beautiful articles. We believe that the best way to help disadvantaged producers is to work with them in partnership through mutually beneficial and long term trade. We have helped over 100 producers to grow and develop with us since we started trading 20 years ago.”

Sound good? Look out for Namaste products in our Home & Gifts and Clothing departments. You won’t be disappointed.