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Also known as Flexitone and Fleximetal this musical instrument is a fun and fascinating conversation starter and makes a wonderful and loud boing sound

The instrument is played by placing the wooden handle in the palm with the thumb on the end of the metal sheet. When shaken, the two knockers beat against the metal sheet to create a sound which can then be bent in pitch by adjusting the thumb’s pressure on the metal sheet

Watch our 60 second video to see and hear the Flexatone (opens in new tab)

Makes great sound effects and has often been used in classic cartoons to represent ghosts and other paranormal happenings

The Flexitone has also been used in songs! Listen for it at the end of “Jimmy Jazz” by The Clash

This item is not suitable for children under the age of 3

Measurements: 28 x 9cm

Materials: Wood and metal

Care: Store in a cool dry place

Origin: Indonesia

Credentials: Hand made and hand painted, fair trade, ethically sourced

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