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Praying Buddha

Discover the divine tranquillity embodied in this meticulously handcrafted Praying Buddha statue. Created using traditional techniques, each piece exudes a unique charm, ensuring that the statue you receive holds its own distinct character.

Measuring approximately 11 x 9 x 7½cm, this sacred masterpiece encapsulates the essence of spiritual serenity. The skilful artistry and attention to detail have crafted a timeless representation of Buddha, radiating a sense of inner peace and enlightenment.

To maintain its pristine appearance, simply wipe the statue with a dry cloth. This gentle care ritual will preserve its captivating aura for years to come, allowing you to enjoy its presence in your sacred space.

Originating from Indonesia, this Praying Buddha statue carries with it the authenticity of its cultural heritage. Hand-carved with reverence, it embodies the traditions and craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations.

In adherence to fair trade principles, this statue represents more than just a work of art. By choosing this exquisite piece, you contribute to a sustainable and equitable future. The artisans behind its creation are provided with fair compensation, ensuring the preservation of their traditional skills and supporting their communities.

Invite a sense of tranquillity and spiritual harmony into your surroundings with this captivating Praying Buddha statue. Allow its serene presence to inspire mindfulness and serve as a reminder of the profound wisdom that lies within.

Measurements: Approximately 11 x 9 x 7½cm

Care: Wipe with a dry cloth

Origin: Indonesia

Credentials: Hand-carved, fairly traded

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