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Gourd Güiro Shaker: Fair Trade

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  • Striker included for immediate rhythmic exploration.
  • Beautifully decorated to inspire creativity and adorn your musical space.
  • Handmade in Peru for a touch of authenticity.

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Awaken the Spirit of Rhythm with This Handcrafted Peruvian Gourd Güiro Shaker

Let the vibrant soul of Peru take hold of your music with this exquisite, hand-carved gourd güiro shaker. Grown from the earth and shaped by skilled artisans, this instrument isn’t just a percussion piece – it’s a gateway to rhythmic expression.

Unleash the Scratchy Delight:

  • Carved grooves dance across the naturally hollow gourd, ready to resonate with every scrape of the included striker.
  • Exhilarating “scratchy” guiro sound adds a layer of vibrant texture to your music, from traditional Latin rhythms to modern world fusion.

A Symphony of Beauty:

  • Dazzling hand-painted decorations, unique to each instrument, tell stories of Peruvian heritage and bring a splash of colour to your sonic palette.
  • Average size of 25cm offers a comfortable hold and a rich, full sound, though each gourd whispers its own story with slight variations in size and shape.

More Than Just an Instrument:

  • Handmade in Peru by masters of their craft, each gourd güiro shaker boasts the warmth and soul of tradition.
  • Natural and sustainable, this instrument connects you to the earth’s vibrant pulse.

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