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Hanging Tree of Life with Chakra Beads

Elevate your space with the profound symbolism of our Hanging Tree of Life Chakra. This exquisite piece embodies the beauty of nature’s interconnectedness and the power of energy alignment.

The Tree of Life, a universal symbol of growth and harmony, takes centre stage in this handcrafted masterpiece. Adorning a gracefully suspended chain, vibrant chakra beads infuse this hanging with a spectrum of colours. Each bead represents a distinct energy centre, promoting balance and vitality within your environment.

Three chains extend from the Tree, each culminating in a delicate brass bell. With a gentle touch or a subtle breeze, these bells emit soft, soothing tones, creating an aura of tranquillity and mindfulness.

Meticulously handcrafted, this piece bears the imprint of skilled artisans. Their dedication to detail and precision ensures a truly unique creation that carries the warmth of human touch.

Measuring 7.5 x 31.5cm, this hanging is a versatile addition to any space. Whether it graces your meditation corner, bedroom window, or living room wall, its presence emanates a sense of serenity and connection.

Infuse your surroundings with a deeper sense of purpose and balance. The Hanging Tree of Life Chakra serves as a constant reminder of life’s interconnectedness and the potential for growth in every direction.

Crafted with care, this piece originates from artisans who pour their heart and soul into their work, creating not just an ornament, but a meaningful connection to their culture and craftsmanship.

Embrace the harmony of nature’s wisdom and energy alignment. Add the Hanging Tree of Life Chakra with Brass Bells to your space and embark on a journey of mindful living.

Size: 7½ x 31½cm

Materials: Brass, beads

Origin: India

Credentials: Hand made, fair trade, ethical

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