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Kenyan Gourd Bowl

A fascinating decorative bowl upcycled  from a real gourd. Makes a beautiful focal point in your home or an unusual gift for a lucky recipient
Grown in Northern and Eastern Kenya, gourds are traditionally used to store and carry water and food
After being collected and dried in the villages, the gourds are then transported to Nairobi where they are hollowed out and decorated
The outsides are hand carved in attractive geometric patterns and the insides have been painted red, providing an eye-catching contrast
These products are not only beautiful, they support traditional Kenyan skills and provide an income in the villages as well as in Nairobi where each workshop employs five people
As a natural product that has been decorated by hand, each is unique and may therefore differ somewhat from the ones shown in the photographs.

Measurements: approx. 9-10cm diameter

Material: Gourd

Care: Wipe with a clean dry cloth

Origin: Kenya

Credentials: Fair trade, upcycled, highly sustainable

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