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Large Gourd Thumb Piano: aka Marimba, Kalimba7 Notes | Fair Trade

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Large Gourd Thumb Piano

  • Great fun for children aged 3 to 103!
  • Upcycled and highly sustainable
  • Made and decorated by hand
  • Fair trade, ethically produced

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Large Gourd Thumb Piano

A hand carved piano board of approx. 20cm diameter made from wood skilfully attached to a gourd shell which acts as a resonating chamber

The keys (or tines) are made of metal and as a player strikes a key with their thumb the vibration produced in turn causes the tine’s neighbours to vibrate resulting in a wonderfully complex set of tones

Traditionally, African players tend to use their own idiosyncratic scales, but because of the versatility of this item, players can easily tune their karimba to a standard western scale by loosening the screws and changing the length of the metal

Thumb pianos are incredibly popular with children of all ages! Ideal when entertaining groups of kids and a brilliant way to get them off their electronic gizmos! Used in schools for music lessons they are our best selling musical instrument

Part of the appeal of this item is its hand-made nature and it is crafted in the traditional way. Made from natural products, the size and shape will vary slightly from the one shown in the picture ensuring you have a genuine handcrafted item and NOT a generic, factory-manufactured product

Kalimbas are a type of lamellophone

Size: Approx. 16cm diameter

Material: Gourd, wood, metal

Care: Wipe with a soft dry cloth. Store in a cool dry place.

Origin: Bali

Credentials: Fair trade, upcycled, sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly

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