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Large Mayan Calendar: Ha’ab Calendar, 30cm | Fair Trade

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Large Mayan Calendar

  • Detailed ceramic casting of the mayan calendar
  • Part of the fascinating Maya Calendar
  • Metal hoop for ease of hanging
  • Handmade in Jalisco, Mexico.

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Large Mayan Calendar

The ancient Maya had a very accurate method of counting days and years, which is known as the Mayan Calendar.

However, in reality there were several interlocking calendars which gave it great accuracy.

This piece is known as the Ha’ab calendar and it is a solar calendar measuring 365 days. The figure in the middle is a time-wheel bearer and he is carrying glyphs which are depicted around the outer rim. These are a set of 18 months, each of which lasts 20 days. This means that every year there would be 5 extra days, a period known as the Wayeb. During this time the Mayans feared that evil spirits could enter the world so they performed many rituals and ceremonies to keep danger away.

Each calendar is made in Jalisco, Mexico and has a metal hoop on the reverse for ease of hanging.


This product will likely vary from the picture shown. Most of our goods are handmade and as such slight natural variation should be expected. We believe it is better to have a unique product than mass conformity

Size: Approx: 30cm ∅ × 3cm

Material: Ceramic

Care: Wipe with a dry cloth

Origin: Mexico

Credentials:  Hand-made, sustainable,  ethical, fair trade

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