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Laughing Buddha Ornament: 22 x 18cm, Resin

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Laughing Buddha Ornament

  • Very happy looking Buddha
  • Relaxed pose
  • Red robes and a large belly
  • Holding a piece of fruit

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Laughing Buddha Ornament

Discover pure bliss and positive energy with our delightful Laughing Buddha Ornament. This enchanting ornament showcases a radiant Buddha, dressed in a vibrant red robe, meticulously crafted from high-quality resin. Measuring a charming 22 x 18cm, it is the perfect addition to bring joy and serenity to your home or office.

With a heart-warming expression and a contagious smile, the Laughing Buddha instantly uplifts any space, infusing it with tranquillity and happiness. This particular Buddha figurine showcases the beloved deity seated in a relaxed position, with one knee raised and the other knee and shin resting comfortably on the floor, symbolizing balance and grounding.

The Laughing Buddha’s most distinctive feature is his generously round belly, an emblem of contentment and prosperity. Its smooth and lustrous texture is a testament to the craftsmanship that went into its creation, ensuring a lasting and captivating piece for years to come.

In the right hand of the Laughing Buddha, he holds a luscious piece of fruit, signifying good fortune and abundance. This delightful detail adds a touch of symbolism and charm to the ornament, making it an ideal gift for loved ones, friends, or even as a treat for yourself.

Whether you choose to place this Laughing Buddha ornament on your desk, shelf, or mantelpiece, it will undoubtedly become a focal point, spreading positive vibes and inspiring a sense of serenity. Its versatile size makes it suitable for various settings, from meditation rooms to living spaces, encouraging mindfulness and tranquillity in any environment.

With its captivating presence and meticulous craftsmanship, this red-robed Laughing Buddha will become an emblem of positivity and a cherished symbol of enlightenment in your surroundings. Order yours today and invite a wave of laughter and bliss into your life.

Size: Approx. 22cm high x 18cm wide x 12cm deep

Material: Resin

Credentials: Fairly traded

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