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Luna Tree – Our Supplier’s Business Ethics

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Luna Tree are our main supplier of silver jewellery and their business ethics are second to none.

Fair Trade

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Luna Tree have been a member of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) as an importer of fairly traded goods since 2009. This ensures transparency and accountability from the very beginning of every order that is placed, right through to their sale to retailers in the UK. For every item of Luna Tree jewellery, a personal link can be traced all the way back to the silversmith who made it! As a fair trade operator, all producers are guaranteed a fair payment for their work as well as decent and safe working conditions in keeping with the 10 Principles of Fair Trade.

Business Operations at Luna Tree

Whenever an order is placed, Luna Tree pay a good portion of the costs upfront to ensure the artisans can afford to purchase the raw materials they need to commence their work. Further payments are made as work is completed with any final balance being paid off on completion. Shipping costs are also paid in advance.

Silversmithing can only be undertaken by artisans who have received adequate training in order to gain the skill, and therefore no child labour is every used in the crafting of these beautiful items of jewellery.

Gender Equality

All the artisans in the village who are involved in production for Luna Tree receive the same pay for the same work undertaken, regardless of their gender. Furthermore, Luna Tree states that "production always fits around other duties such as harvest time, festivities and childcare which further empowers the women producers."

Environmental Policy

Sustainable environmental practices begin at home for Luna Tree as they constantly seek to minimise waste. Electricity is purchased from a green renewable energy supplier in the UK base, while overseas sustainable environmental practices have been developed within the production village with the use of solar panels enabling the village to run generators in the evenings for light etc. The majority of the tools used are hand tools, recycled silver is used wherever possible, and all silver offcuts are reused. Even the packaging provided by Luna Tree is “zero waste” which can be recycled or composted.


Clare, the founder of Luna Tree, describes herself as a "dedicated Vegan and lifelong animal rights advocate". As such, you can be confident that no animal products are used in the creation of this range of jewellery. So no shells and no pearls will be found in any Luna Tree product. What may come as a surprise to some readers is that some jewellery making tools are often non-vegan, such as rawhide hammers. Luna Tree avoid these items, opting instead for vegan-friendly tools. Such is Luna Tree's commitment to veganism they are members of two separate bodies - the Vegan Traders Union, and Vegan Founded.

Like Luna Tree’s ethics? Then you’ll positively love their jewellery!