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Dragonfly Windchime with Beads and Bells, 25 x 50cm

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Dragonfly Windchime

  • Pleasant tinkly sound when caught by a breeze
  • Recycled/upcycled iron
  • Hand made
  • Fair Trade

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Dragonfly Windchime

This pretty dragonfly/crane fly windchime is made from recycled iron and then decorated with beads. Makes a lovely tinkly sound when caught by a breeze.

Handmade on a Fair Trade basis in Northern India by a family-based business that provides valued full-time employment to 19 people and over 60 artisans on a piecework self-employed basis. Good benefits include fair pay, sick pay and regular hours. The business supports fee-free schools for poorer families.

Due to the hand made nature of this item, the one you receive may differ slightly from those shown

Size: 25 x 50cm

Origin: India

Credentials: Upcycled, hand made, fair trade, ethical

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