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Mini Black Obsidian Coffin Carving

Introducing the Mini Black Obsidian Coffin Carving, a captivating fusion of natural beauty and mysticism.

This exquisite piece is expertly crafted from authentic Black Obsidian, known for its deep black colour and powerful protective properties.

Measuring a compact 19 x 30mm, this unique carving is a perfect fusion of natural beauty and mystique, making it a distinctive addition to your crystal collection and a great little Halloween decoration.

Due to the natural aspect of this genuine gemstone, the item you receive may be a slightly different colour and have different markings to those shown in the photos.

One supplied.

Authentic Black Obsidian: Our Mini Black Obsidian Coffin Carving is meticulously carved from genuine Black Obsidian, prized for its rich, jet-black appearance. Each piece radiates the protective energy that has made Black Obsidian a revered crystal for centuries.

Unique Coffin Shape: The coffin shape adds an intriguing and symbolic touch to the Black Obsidian, representing transformation and rebirth. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking to release negativity and embrace personal growth.

Compact Size: Measuring 19 x 30mm, this mini Black Obsidian coffin is perfect for display on your desk, nightstand, meditation space, or crystal grid. Its small size allows you to carry the protective energy of Black Obsidian with you wherever you go.

Powerful Protection: Black Obsidian is renowned for its protective qualities, shielding against negative energies and enhancing clarity and self-awareness. Use this mini carving as a guardian for your space or as a talisman for personal protection.

Artisan Craftsmanship: Each carving is a work of art created with precision and care by skilled artisans, ensuring that you receive a high-quality and visually striking piece of Black Obsidian.

Product Benefits:

  • Striking Aesthetics: The deep black colour of Black Obsidian, combined with the unique coffin shape, makes this carving a visually stunning addition to your crystal collection.
  • Protective Energy: Black Obsidian is believed to ward off negativity and provide a shield of protection, making it an ideal choice for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Share the power and symbolism of Black Obsidian with loved ones through this exceptional gift.

Material: Genuine Black Obsidian

Dimensions: 19 x 30mm

Colour: Deep, glossy black

Note: Due to the natural variations in Black Obsidian, each carving may exhibit unique patterns and slight variations in colour, adding to the character and individuality of your Mini Black Obsidian Coffin Carving.

Embrace the protective energy of Black Obsidian and invite transformation into your life with this Mini Black Obsidian Coffin Carving. Whether for your crystal collection or as a meaningful gift, let this exceptional piece empower and safeguard your journey. Order yours today and experience the powerful mystique of Black Obsidian in this captivating form.

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