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Our visit to Namaste

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Our visit to Namaste

Taken from wikipedia.

Namaste (/ˈnɑːməsteɪ/Devanagari: नमस्ते, Hindi: [nəməsteː] ( listen)), sometimes spoken as Namaskar, Namaskaram is a respectful form of greeting in Hindu custom, found on the Indian subcontinent mainly in India and Nepal and among the Indian diaspora. It is used both for salutation and valediction.[1][2] Namaste is usually spoken with a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest. This gesture is called Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana.[3]

In Hinduism it means “I bow to the divine in you”.[4][5][6] The greeting may also be spoken without the gesture or the gesture performed wordlessly, carrying the same meaning.

We decided to visit one of our suppliers in early September in Skipton which is a good 90 min drive from us so not something you do on a whim.

The drive there went smoothly other than a little unplanned detour through Bradford which is not pleasant to drive through when you don’t know where you are going, but for people that know me getting to places without one of my now famous “short cuts” just wouldn’t be a drive out.

On arriving in Skipton and finding the Namaste warehouse and showroom we were greeted warmly and offered a drink, then we were shown quickly where everything was while also chatting about the items and their quality.

The intricate designs really caught the eye
Some items really stood out

After the initial quick walk round we were left to do our own thing and wander freely around checking out sizes, quantities and generally getting a feel for the quality of the items on show.
Some of the items on show were not available to take away as they were awaiting delivery for orders later in the month, it was a good job too or we would have needed a bigger boot.

In the end we bought a few items for customers who had ordered over the weekend as we had posted lots of pictures up on our facebook page of Namaste items with that idea in mind. We also picked up some items that we hadn’t received on our last order and some bags, backpacks, candles, mini dream catchers, Karma scents reed diffusers, bracelets and some more headbands.

It was a really pleasant atmosphere and we would go again if in the area.

The garments had a quality and luxurious feel about them.

While our order was being packed we popped to a pub down the road and had a very nice meal at The Bay Horse on Keighley Road and then went back to Namaste to pick up our order.

Skipton Castle ended the day nicely.

Before the long drive home we couldn’t resist popping to the castle for a look around, so all in all a nice day out with some work done as well and a really enjoyable day.
Big thank you to the staff at Namaste for making us so welcome.