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Gringo – Our Supplier’s Principles of Fair Trade

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Gringo! The bringers of bright colours, eye-catching designs and great quality. The givers of “AID through TRADE”, a fair price and supplier confidence.

Though we have yet to visit this wholesaler in person (we’re hoping to go in the very near future), they have visited us when they were in the neighbourhood, and were open and honest when answering our questions. As passionate about their producers as they are about their products, Gringo have a clear set of principles that they have carried with them since the company was founded back in 1988.

Though no longer a member of any external fair trade organisation, Gringo’s commitment to trading fairly stands firm and this reflects in their company ethos. Read the following quotes from Gringo and see what you think.

Gringo’s Principles of Fair Trade

Gringo are very clear about the principles they believe in and give it to us in the following bullet points:-

  • No child labour
  • Equality in the work place, ensuring both men and women receive fair and equal wages.
  • Safe working conditions, regular breaks and paid holidays, religious freedom and hourly wages.
  • Development of skills and new ideas, using traditional methods to western standards.
  • To pay the price the supplier needs and not to haggle for a cheaper price.
  • To pay up front for all or goods including a minimum of 40% deposit with initial order.
  • To encourage respect for environment and to stop pollution and promote organic and sustainable produce.
  • To maintain long term relationships with our suppliers, giving them confidence to make improvements and investments.
short sleeve rayon baggy top in blue side view
Tie-dye top by Gringo, image by Near & Fair

Encouraging the traditional methods of tie-dying, sewing and weaving, Gringo strives to ensure the continuation of traditional trades which brings to us truly unique items.

Recognising what they refer to as a “plastic crisis”, Gringo are also very much aware of the need to reduce reliance on this environmental nightmare product. Plastic is incredibly helpful for keeping items dry during their importation, and Gringo freely admit that giving up this product is challenging, but they are not deterred from their efforts and continue to welcome suggestions as they trial different packaging methods. In fact, when it comes to gifts, Gringo were one of the first of our suppliers to swap from bubble-wrap to brown paper and corrugated cardboard wrapping for their gift items, packed in with scrunched or shredded paper, all of which at Near & Fair we either reuse or compost at home.

We hope you like what you have read about Gringo’s Fair Trade policy. You can read our own policy here.