Strong Shopping Bag


Crocheted Jute Tote: black and grey bands and bows. Made in England.

Strong Shopping Bag

A good strong shopping bag that won’t let you down. Made of jute twine and decorated with three bands of black and grey fabric. The bag has been made with a dense pattern with the handle being a part of the whole (rather than being made separately and attached), making this a very strong bag which will carry some very heavy shopping.

The jute is from a sustainable source and was manufactured in Scotland. The fabric bands were taken from offcuts which were rescued by an environmentally friendly seamstress.

~ reusable
~ crochet
~ jute
~ grocery bag
~ environmentally friendly
~ very strong
~ upcycled decorative bows
~ sustainable source
~ made in the UK

This is a smaller shopping bag than others in my collection measuring approximately

height 22.5cm excluding handles, 34cm including handles
width (laid flat) 31cm
base 22.5 x 10cm

This item is not a toy.

Made in England