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Saa Paper Notebook

Discover the exquisite Saa Paper Notebook + Twig Pencil, a harmonious blend of nature and craftsmanship. This enchanting set is meticulously handcrafted and ethically sourced, making it a delightful choice for those who appreciate sustainability. Available in captivating rainbow colours or a timeless natural hue, this notebook and pencil ensemble embodies elegance and eco-friendliness.

It, measures a compact 10 x 10 cm, holds within its pages a world of creative possibilities. But what sets it apart is the remarkable material from which it is crafted: saa paper. Saa paper is a traditional Thai paper, renowned for its exquisite texture and durability. It is meticulously handmade, employing ancient techniques passed down through generations. This unique paper offers a smooth writing surface, enhancing your every stroke and inspiring your imagination to take flight.

In harmony with the notepad, the Twig Pencil adds a touch of organic charm to your writing experience. Crafted from a tamarind twig, it celebrates the inherent beauty of nature. Tied to the notebook with natural string, the pencil is always within reach, ready to capture your thoughts and ideas as they flow.

What makes this enchanting set even more special is its commitment to fair trade practices. By supporting this handcrafted creation, you contribute to the livelihood of skilled artisans, helping to preserve their traditions and sustain their communities. Embrace the beauty of conscious consumption as you enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship and ecological harmony of the Saa Paper Notebook + Twig Pencil.

Elevate your writing experience and leave a positive impact on the world with this exceptional creation. Choose the captivating rainbow colours or the timeless natural shade that resonates with your spirit.

Listing is for one notebook and pencil set. Due to the nature of the materials used to make these notebooks, the one you receive may differ slightly from those shown in the photographs

Size: 10 x 10cm

Origin: Thailand

Credentials: Hand made, fair trade, sustainable, environmentally friendly, earth friendly, eco

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