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Smudge Stick: 15cm, White Sage Smudging, Cleansing

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  • 15cm
  • Traditional white sage
  • From a sustainable source

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Smudge Stick

A hit with our walk-in customers, sage smudge sticks are believed to be useful for dispelling negative energy and bad spirits

They are also used for cleansing the aura, connecting with the spiritual realm and for enhancing intuition

Before packing, the sage leaves are dried before they are sealed to keep it in good condition and to ensure it remains mould-free

Our supplier imports the white sage from the southwest of the United States and the northwest of Mexico, where it is sustainably and environmentally friendly harvested

More about Smudging

Herbs: White sage

Size: 15cm

Directions: With a heatproof bowl or large shell nearby, light one end of the smudge stick. It can be easier to use a candle rather than a lighter or match to do this as it can take a few seconds. Once lit, blow out any flames (you only need it to smoulder) and waft the smoke over the objects or people or around and into the corners of your room. This can be done with the free hand, by blowing very gently, or by using a large feather

Smudge bowl sold separately

SAFETY NOTICE: Store and use out of the reach of children and animals. Keep away from flammable items. Do not blow too hard on the lit bundle as this can cause burning ash to break free. Ensure all ash falls on fireproof and heatproof surfaces. Burn in an open or well ventilated area. Never leave burning smudge sticks unattended

Storage: Store in a cool dry place

Origin: Mexico

Ethics:  Natural ingredients, from a sustainable source

We also sell white sage incense sticks


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