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Stationery Gift Set

Delight the stationery enthusiast in your life with our exquisite 4-piece fair trade stationery gift set, crafted with care and sustainability in mind.

Inside the set, you’ll find:

  1. A spacious pencil case crafted from durable gheri cotton.
  2. A Lokta paper notebook, lovingly made from the bark of the Daphe Cannabina shrub found abundantly in the Himalayas. This treeless paper is not only eco-friendly but also regenerates naturally after harvesting, preserving our precious forests.
  3. A set of 3 newspaper pencils. These unique graphite pencils are born from recycled newspapers, taking a creative and sustainable approach to stationery. Sharpen them effortlessly with a standard pencil sharpener, and when it’s time, compost the shavings guilt-free.
  4. A vibrant Lokta paper bookmark adorned with traditional Mithila art from Nepal, adding a touch of cultural richness to your reading experience.

To complete the package, you’ll also receive an informative printed card detailing the origin and eco-conscious aspects of these remarkable items

Origin: Nepal

Credentials: Hand made, eco, fair trade (from a BAFTS-registered supplier), sustainable, environmentally friendly, earth friendly

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