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Steamed Pudding Remover Net – for the easy removal of steamed puddings

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Steamed Pudding Remover Net

For the easy removal of Steamed Puddings

Of all my crocheted items, the one I sell the most of is my Steamed Pudding Remover Net, or the Steamed Pudding Lifter-Outer as we call it at home. This simple, crocheted cotton drawstring net is a must-have for pudding makers! Simply suspend your basin in the net and carefully lower into boiling water. The net can be boiled along with the pudding. When cooked, use the net to remove the basin easily from the pan.


When using with boiling water, it is essential to use protection to prevent scalds. The pudding net is made of cotton which absorbs the boiling water. Use oven gloves, tongs, or a wooden spoon to lift the pudding net when using it with hot water.

Keep the net away from flames.

Do not allow the net or the drawstring handle to hang over the side of the pan during cooking.


First, find the star in the middle of the net and centre your bowl upon it.  

Use the drawstring handles to carefully lift your pudding and lower it into your pan of water. 

Arrange the drawstring handle so that it won’t fall down the sides of the pan, then steam the pudding according to your recipe.

When the pudding is ready, use tongs or a wooden spoon to lift the net containing the pudding bowl out of the pan. 

Please remember, the pudding net is made with cotton and will absorb the boiling water. It is therefore essential that you use protection when removing the net from boiling water.


Although the steamed pudding basin net should not need washing, it can be put through the washing machine if necessary. If you need to wash it, place the net inside a sock or cloth bag and tie the top to prevent tangling.

For Really BIG Puddings

I recently received an enquiry from a lady who makes huge steamed treacle puddings to serve 8-10 generous portions. She wanted to know if I could make an extra large pudding net to accommodate a whopping 3-pint bowl. After asking for the dimensions of the bowl, I found that my mixing bowl was of similar size and was able to make a nice big net for her. We’ve now made these available in our shop, so if you’re into BIG puddings, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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