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String of Elephants: 5 Colourful Elephants, Beads + Bell | Fair Trade

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String of Elephants

  • 5 elephants, colourful beads, and a bell
  • Recycled fabric
  • Handmade in the artisan’s homes
  • Fair Trade, eco

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String of Elephants

This fun and colourful string of elephants is made of recycled material by tribal communities in their own homes

Each of the 5 elephants is a different colour and measures approximately 7 x 9cm with the full hanging length being around 93cm

Between each elephant is a string of colourful beads, and at the bottom of the string is a little metal bell

Made by hand on a fair trade basis

Size: (Approx.) Length 93cm, elephants 7 x 9cm

Materials: Recycled fabric, metal bell, beads of various materials

Credentials: Hand made, fair trade, recycled fabric, eco

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