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Ultimate Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts Under £30 – 2023

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painted shark on a stand, gift for birthdays, Father's day, etc.

The date of Father’s Day in the UK changes each year but is always on the third Sunday in June, making it the 18th June in 2023.

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, but fear ye not because below is our list of Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts Under £30 to help you find something that the special man in your life is sure to love. They are in ascending price order to suit all budgets.

10. Seed Card


keep rocking on dad seed card
Keep Rocking on Dad

Our in-store customers on discovering our seed cards often enthusiastically announce, “It’s a card and a gift in one!”, and that is probably the best way to describe them. These super cute greeting cards are made of recycled paper that has been impregnated with seeds. Upon receipt, all Dad has to do is bury it in the garden or a plant pot (or in a bit of wasteland if he’s inclined towards guerilla gardening!) Pretty soon he’ll be sitting back and enjoying the beautiful bee-friendly wildflowers.

9. Chocolates

£3.50 – £6.99

Tony’s Chocolonely milk chocolate chip cookie, 180g bar
Tony’s Chocolonely Choc Chip Cookie
A box of Divine ginger thins
Divine Dark Chocolate Ginger Thins
Tiny Tony’s Chocolonely
Tiny Tony’s Chocolonely

The always-welcome go-to gift for Dads who have everything, including a sweet tooth. These chocolates are made with Fairtrade ingredients and a high cocoa content making them an irresistably tasty and guilt-free chocolate indulgence. Make sure he saves you one!

8. Bracelets


Bracelet set
Leather Bracelet Set

In sets of at least 3 individual items, these men’s bracelets are fantastic value. In a variety of materials which could include leather, beads, twine, shells or metal, each set comes on a display card making them easier to wrap up and attractive to unwrap. All are adjustable making them suitable for all adult wrist sizes.

7. Wallets


Hemp wallet
Hemp Wallets

Whether his old one is worn out from being open and closed constantly, or is full of moths due to lack of use, a new wallet is a useful and somewhat traditional gift for Dads. With a velcro fastening, space for notes and cards, and a secure zipped pocket, these THC-free wallet made of pure and highly sustainable hemp are just the job These are not your standard wallets, these are wallets with a cause.

6. Socks


Bamboo socks, green with bicycles
Bamboo Socks in Green with bicycles
3 pairs of bamboo socks with an ocean theme
3-Pack of Bamboo Socks with Turtles, Seals, and Sharks

Brighten up Dad’s toes this Father’s Day with a modern eco-friendly twist on a traditional gift. Soft-yet-strong, these charming and attractive socks are made of bamboo, a highly sustainable plant that just grows and grows.

5. Om Mani Copper Bracelet


Om Mani Padme Hum Copper Bracelet
Om Mani Copper Bracelet

A beautiful copper band bracelet with the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” etched around the outside. Elegant simplicity!

4. T-Shirts

£14.99- £19.99

Is your Dad looking worn out? A new t-shirt will spruce him up and make him look and feel younger. At least, we think it will help (no promises!) These soft cotton t-shirts are well paired with jeans, casual trousers, or shorts and come in a variety of colours and sizes.

3. Colourful Baseball Cap


four colourful Baseball Caps
Colourful Baseball Cap

Add a bit of colour to your Dad’s outfit and never lose him in a crowd again. These colourful caps are made from traditional Manta fabric and are hand-woven using dyed sheep and alpaca wool on a back strap loom. They consist of two separate parts which are joined together using a patterned central seam.

2. Ornate Shark


painted shark on a stand, gift for birthdays, Father's day, etc.
Ornate Shark on a Stand

The jaw-dropping (or maybe we should say “Jaws-dropping”) hand-painted décor on this 30cm long shark is nothing short of captivating. Crafted and decorated in Bali, the bright swirling colours are so reminiscent of the ocean you can almost hear the waves.

1. Dragon’s Castle Triple Backflow Burner


Dragons Castle Triple Backflow Incense Burner
Dragon’s Castle Triple Backflow Burner

This beautiful incense burner is fascinating, almost hypnotic to watch, and combined with the great smell of incense creates a very mystical and spiritual atmosphere. Very relaxing to watch, your Dad could end up so chilled he’ll agree to any favour you ask of him! Includes sample incense cones, but more can be purchased separately here, including the rather fitting Dragon’s Blood and Dragon’s Fire fragrances.