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Top 10 Mothers Day Gift Ideas for 2024

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Metal Wind chime: Butterfly with Beads and Bells

When is Mothers Day?” is a question that is asked every year in households all over the UK. We never seem to know when it is because the answer keeps changing. This is because Mothers Day, also known as Mothering Sunday, is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday. As Easter is based on the lunisolar calendar, with Easter Sunday being on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, Easter moves about a lot and therefore so does Mothers Day. In other words, it’s on Sunday, 10th March in 2024.

So now you know when it is, what are you going to treat her to? If you don’t want to give your mum another bunch of flowers, or yet another box of chocolates, what can you get her that’s a bit different? Here are our top 10 Mothers Day gift ideas in order of price (low to high, excluding p&p).

10. Small Wooden Cat Ornament

small wooden cat ornament


If your Mum is a cat-lover she’ll be captivated by the charm of our Small Wooden Cat Ornament.

Handcrafted with meticulous care, this curious feline is skilfully carved from jempinis wood, a.k.a. Chinaberry wood.

9. Seed Card

worlds best mum seed card


A card and gift in one! When she’s finally taken it off the windowsill your mum can plant the whole card and grow some pretty wildflowers.

This one features a pretty border of flowers and the words “World’s Best Mum” on the front. If your mum’s not the flowery type don’t worry; other styles are available. All our seed cards are blank inside for your own message. We suggest, “Happy Mothers Day, Mum. You’re the best”.

Growing instructions are included (remember to put them inside the card!)

8. Soapstone Dove

Dove soapstone decoration
Soapstone Dove


These stunning hand-carved doves have been carved from Kenyan soapstone and engraved with pretty patterns. They are each tied with some jute string ready to hang.

They come in a choice of colours.

Size: Approx. 9cm x 6cm

7. Decorative Coconut Bowl

  • Coconut bowl gold inside side
  • Coconut bowl gold inside top view


This fascinating decorative bowl was upcycled from a real coconut shell. Makes a beautiful centre piece. Features a cut-out design around the circumference. Highly polished exterior and a gold-coloured lacquer inner.

Size: Imagine a large coconut with the outer fibre removed and the top cut off.

6. Butterfly Windchime

Metal Wind chime: Butterfly with Beads and Bells


This pretty butterfly windchime is made from recycled iron and then decorated with beads. Makes a lovely tinkly sound when caught by a breeze.

A wonderful gift for an eco-Mum, this windchime was made by hand on a fair trade basis in Northern India by a family-based business that provides valued full-time employment to 19 people and over 60 artisans on a piecework self-employed basis. Good benefits include fair pay, sick pay and regular hours. The business supports fee-free schools for poorer families.

Size: 25 x 49cm

5. Dangly Metal Chain Earrings

metal chain earrings
Dangly Metal Chain Earrings


Long and swishy, these attractive dangly earrings comprise of six metal chains with turquoise-coloured stone beads on silver plated hooks

Made on  a fair trade basis in Nepal, these earrings were made by humans, not machines!

4. Flower Embossed Jewellery Box

flower embossed jewellery box, inside
Flower Embossed Jewellery Box


An elaborately designed hand-crafted jewellery box in a champagne gold finish.

Lift the hinged lid to reveal luxurious red cotton velvet lining, a small mirror, and a handy lift-out tray.

Size: 13 x 13 x 10cm

3. Soft Scarf with Large Diamond Pattern

Large Diamond Pattern, Acrylic/Wool Soft Scarf
Soft Scarf with Large Diamond Pattern


An inspirational mix of traditional Kashmiri craftsmanship and a flair for modern design has resulted in this generously-sized soft scarf full of colour and texture.

The makers are a long established family business who provide well-paid and valued employment for 24 people. They pride themselves on their treatment of their employees making sure that the workers can achieve a reasonable standard of living by providing pensions, sick pay and paid holidays.

Due to the handmade nature of these scarfs, the pattern you receive may differ slightly from the picture shown.

Measurements: 30 x 180cm

Fabric: Wool/acrylic mix

Care: Dry clean only

2. Silver Charm Bracelet

  • Celine Silver charm bracelet 
  • Celine Silver charm bracelet on wood
  • Celine Silver charm bracelet on a mirror


Pretty and fun, this silver charm bracelet is comprised of five fine silver flower charms, smooth tubular curved beads, and turquoise gemstones.

Made on a fair trade basis, this beautiful bracelet was made by humans, not machines! It is also suitable for vegans as it contains no shells or opals and was made using vegan tools (no rawhide hammers!)


  • Charms and beads – fine silver, turquoise
  • Clasp – sterling silver

Brand: Luna Tree

1. Bouquet Lamp

Bouquet Light with red, orange and yellow leaves in a brown vase
Bouquet lamp

£75.00 £49.99

This beautiful bouquet light was handmade in Southern Thailand. An elegant floor standing lamp, it is both delicate and striking in appearance. The leaf lights nestle gently within the waves of the vase to create a warming natural glow.

Colour: Red, Orange and Yellow Leaf with Brown Vase

Size: 100cm tall

More Mothers Day Gift Ideas

We’re pretty sure you’ll now have found something your mum will love, but if you want to keep browsing we have lots more ideas here.

Don’t forget that we are a Fair Trade shop, which means we try hard to ensure the items we sell are ethical, made with respect for people and, of course, the ultimate mum, Mother Earth herself.