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Wooden Snail Ornament: 5cm High | Fair Trade

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Wooden Snail Ornament

  • 5cm High
  • Hand carved in Bali
  • Solid wood
  • Fair trade, ethical

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Wooden Snail Ornament

Introducing the enchanting Wooden Snail Ornament – a delightful creation hand-carved with love and precision in the artisan workshops of Bali. This charming little snail stands approximately 5cm high, making it the perfect addition to your home decor or an adorable gift for nature enthusiasts.

Crafted from high-quality wood, this Fair Trade ornament showcases the remarkable skill and craftsmanship of the Balinese artisans who pour their creativity into every detail. Carefully sculpted and polished, this wooden snail exudes a joyful aura, with its cheerful, smiling face that radiates warmth and happiness.

Not only is this Wooden Snail Ornament a beautiful decorative piece, but it also carries a deeper story. By choosing this Fair Trade product, you actively support the artisans who diligently carved it, ensuring that they receive fair wages and work under ethical conditions. Each purchase becomes an opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of these talented individuals and their communities.

Place this captivating Wooden Snail Ornament on your shelf, mantel, or desk, and watch as its whimsical presence adds a touch of nature-inspired magic to any space. Let its wooden texture and vibrant colors infuse your surroundings with a sense of tranquility and wonder. Whether displayed individually or as part of a charming collection, this snail ornament will surely capture the attention and hearts of all who behold it.

Bring a touch of Bali’s artistic heritage and fair trade principles into your home with this exquisite Wooden Snail Ornament. Imbued with both artistic beauty and ethical significance, it embodies the perfect blend of craftsmanship and conscious consumerism. Order yours today and treasure this unique piece that showcases the harmony between nature, art, and the human spirit.

Note: Please keep this ornament dry. If you are displaying with plants, only place on dry compost

Size: approx. 5cm high

Material: Wood

Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Credentials: Fair trade, ethical

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